Monday, September 22, 2014

Charlotte's Web Chapter 4

Well I am back, Sunday was church all day. I do have a huge praise. My oldest son has been trying to memorize a Bible verse for his Sunday school class. He is three and this was very hard for him. I am so proud of him.. HE DID IT! Now on to the next verse.. woo hoo!
Now Chapter 4 (pgs. 25-31)
Words to know:
Gloomily,Merry, Frolic Trough, Stealthily, Dejected, Sulphur, Molasses

Questions to Ask While Reading:
1. Why did Wilbur stand gloomily indoors?
2. Why did Wilbur feel lonely and friendless?
3.  Why didn't Wilbur want food?
4. Who do you think wanted to be Wilbur's friend?

 B: Rain foiled all of Wilbur's plans for the day.
M: Wilbur was so sad and lonely
E; Someone approached Wilbur and said they wanted to be his friend.

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