Friday, September 19, 2014

Charlotte's Web Chapter 3

Well today was a big day so I only got to read and make notes on Chapter 3. Today was talk like a pirate day. I have two wonderful little boys and we made pirate costumes and went to Krispy Kreme. In case you didn't know, if you dressed like a pirate and went to Krispy Kreme today they would give you a dozen doughnuts and my children love them. This evening we had pizza and snuggled to watch a movie. Love those kinds of nights. Tomorrow will be fun because my husband will be home with us.

 So on to chapter 3...(pgs. 13-24)
A side note for chapter three. I thought there were quiet a few words that you needed to go over with the students that they might not understand before the chapter.
Vocabulary: manure, perspiration, scythes, swallow(bird), discard, slops, hullabaloo, lure, appealing
Questions I thought to ask while reading:
1.Describe the atmosphere of Mr. Zuckerman's barn.
2. Why was Wilbur "tired of living"?
3. What did every animal get "stirred" over?
 B: Wilbur was settling in to his life on the Zuckerman's farm and daily visits from Fern.
M: Fern didn't visit and when Wilbur was lonely he broke out of his pin with the help of Goose.
E. Lurvy and Mr. Zurkerman lured Wilbur back into his pin. They commented that he will make a good pig.

I just secured so really neat graphics for my Charlotte's Web kit.. So keep looking back, I will have some items up soon. Please keep reading and share with a friend..
Have a great night and until then...

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