Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Commercial Break

I thought I would share this with you as it is wonderful time of the year. It is fall time and we all love pumpkins. This is a unit I created last year and it has done so well. It has man different pumpkin themed activities. It is in black and white so that it is easy for your to print for your students.


Either click on the picture or click on the link and it will take you to my tpt store.


Chapter Five and Freebie

Good Evening Friends,
   Man it has been such a busy week. We had a few days with a never ending schedule. I am so sorry that I have taken so long to post. We had family pictures one day of which I have to post a picture of my family.

They are truly the pride and joy of my life. We also took our boys to "Disney on Ice" this week. It was actually a gift to my littlest from my parents but we all got to enjoy his birthday present. It was so much fun and the kids had a blast.

Now on to Chapter Five....
This covers pages 32-41

Words to know:
Clashers, meekly
objectionable, furiously, salutations, gamble, scheming, and blundered

Questions to ask while reading:
1. Why couldn't Wilbur sleep?
2. Who was the friend that Wilbur was waiting on?
3.Why was Wilbur so upset over Charlotte's eating habits?

Chapter Summary:
B: Wilbur couldn't sleep all night in t anticipation for meeting his new friend.
M: Wilbur met Charlotte and she explained her feeding habits.
E: Even though Wilbur is concerned about being friends with a spider, she would prove to be a loyal friend.

How would you greet a new friend?

This post is also not without a free goodie.

 Please click on the picture or follow this link to get a copy of the chapter one study guide.
I hope you all have a wonderful and Blessed evening.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Charlotte's Web Chapter 4

Well I am back, Sunday was church all day. I do have a huge praise. My oldest son has been trying to memorize a Bible verse for his Sunday school class. He is three and this was very hard for him. I am so proud of him.. HE DID IT! Now on to the next verse.. woo hoo!
Now Chapter 4 (pgs. 25-31)
Words to know:
Gloomily,Merry, Frolic Trough, Stealthily, Dejected, Sulphur, Molasses

Questions to Ask While Reading:
1. Why did Wilbur stand gloomily indoors?
2. Why did Wilbur feel lonely and friendless?
3.  Why didn't Wilbur want food?
4. Who do you think wanted to be Wilbur's friend?

 B: Rain foiled all of Wilbur's plans for the day.
M: Wilbur was so sad and lonely
E; Someone approached Wilbur and said they wanted to be his friend.

Until Next Time....

Friday, September 19, 2014

Charlotte's Web Chapter 3

Well today was a big day so I only got to read and make notes on Chapter 3. Today was talk like a pirate day. I have two wonderful little boys and we made pirate costumes and went to Krispy Kreme. In case you didn't know, if you dressed like a pirate and went to Krispy Kreme today they would give you a dozen doughnuts and my children love them. This evening we had pizza and snuggled to watch a movie. Love those kinds of nights. Tomorrow will be fun because my husband will be home with us.

 So on to chapter 3...(pgs. 13-24)
A side note for chapter three. I thought there were quiet a few words that you needed to go over with the students that they might not understand before the chapter.
Vocabulary: manure, perspiration, scythes, swallow(bird), discard, slops, hullabaloo, lure, appealing
Questions I thought to ask while reading:
1.Describe the atmosphere of Mr. Zuckerman's barn.
2. Why was Wilbur "tired of living"?
3. What did every animal get "stirred" over?
 B: Wilbur was settling in to his life on the Zuckerman's farm and daily visits from Fern.
M: Fern didn't visit and when Wilbur was lonely he broke out of his pin with the help of Goose.
E. Lurvy and Mr. Zurkerman lured Wilbur back into his pin. They commented that he will make a good pig.

I just secured so really neat graphics for my Charlotte's Web kit.. So keep looking back, I will have some items up soon. Please keep reading and share with a friend..
Have a great night and until then...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Charlotte's Web Chapters 1 and 2

So, as I stated yesterday, my dear friend is working on "Charlotte's Web" in her class. She is new to third grade, so I thought I would try to help by reading along with her and helping her to maybe create some activities for her. For the first few days I am playing catch-up because they have already started. I thought I would write out some notes on here along with some questions and words to ponder for you and your students as you read.
 I enjoyed getting to read this evening, my kids were playing outside and I sat in the swing. The funny thing was my three year brought be a post-it pad that he brought from the barn without me even asking. I laughed,but it was so timely. So here we go..

Chapter One: (Pgs. 1-7)
Vocabulary Words: Runt, Injustice, Cream
Questions I thought to ask while reading:
  1. Who is Mr. Arable and why is Fern so upset with him?
  2. What is the name that Fern gave the pig and why did she choose that name?
  3. Did Avery like the pig? Why or why not?
 B: Fern is eating breakfast and father heads out to the barn with an ax to tend to the new litter.
M: Fern pleads with Mr. Arable to not kill the pig.
E: Mr. Arable brings Fern the pig and she names him Wilbur.

Something to Write about:
 Imagine you were Fern, Write about your morning when you saw dad heading to the barn to thin the litter. What would you say? What would you ask father to do?

Chapter 2: (pgs. 8-12)
Vocabulary: Vanished
Questions I thought to ask while reading:
1. How did Fern feel about the pig Wilbur? How did you infer this?
2. When did Wilbur begin to live outside? Where did he live? Describe it..
3. Describe what Wilbur did to keep warm?
4. What did being a spring pig mean?
5. Was Wilbur and Fern best friends? Why would you say that?
6. What happened when Wilbur turned 5 weeks old?

B: Fern took care of Wilbur thru every minute of the day.
M: At five weeks, Mr. Arable said he had to be sold.
E: Fern went to live at the Zukerman's (Fern's Aunt and Uncle). He was sold for six dollars.

Something to Write About:
Make a map describing fern.

Please stay tuned. I am planning on making a packet for this and will have some freebies up for grabs.
Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to Life...

I apologize that you have not found me on here in the last few months. Life has been crazy. In the last few months we have placed out house up for sale, moved to a new house, and sold our old house. I never want to move AGAIN!!!. The great thing is that God has blessed us with a beautiful new home with a little bit of land. This way my kids can run and play all they want. PTL!
On another note fall time is coming.. So excited. A friend of mine is starting to read "Charlotte's Web" in her class. She is third grade. I am planning on helping her make some items for her class, but wanted to hear from you.. What are some activities you like to do with this book..

Hope to hear from you soon,