Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Commercial Break

I thought I would share this with you as it is wonderful time of the year. It is fall time and we all love pumpkins. This is a unit I created last year and it has done so well. It has man different pumpkin themed activities. It is in black and white so that it is easy for your to print for your students.


Either click on the picture or click on the link and it will take you to my tpt store.


Chapter Five and Freebie

Good Evening Friends,
   Man it has been such a busy week. We had a few days with a never ending schedule. I am so sorry that I have taken so long to post. We had family pictures one day of which I have to post a picture of my family.

They are truly the pride and joy of my life. We also took our boys to "Disney on Ice" this week. It was actually a gift to my littlest from my parents but we all got to enjoy his birthday present. It was so much fun and the kids had a blast.

Now on to Chapter Five....
This covers pages 32-41

Words to know:
Clashers, meekly
objectionable, furiously, salutations, gamble, scheming, and blundered

Questions to ask while reading:
1. Why couldn't Wilbur sleep?
2. Who was the friend that Wilbur was waiting on?
3.Why was Wilbur so upset over Charlotte's eating habits?

Chapter Summary:
B: Wilbur couldn't sleep all night in t anticipation for meeting his new friend.
M: Wilbur met Charlotte and she explained her feeding habits.
E: Even though Wilbur is concerned about being friends with a spider, she would prove to be a loyal friend.

How would you greet a new friend?

This post is also not without a free goodie.

 Please click on the picture or follow this link to get a copy of the chapter one study guide.
I hope you all have a wonderful and Blessed evening.